Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Filter media for Skippy biofilter

Quite often I am asked by folk where they can find suppliers of the cheap green scrubbies, green nylon scrubbing pads for the filter media used in homemade DIY biofilters (Skippy style). Lots of people seem to use and recommend this stuff. Despite its rather innocent normal purpose, it has a high surface to volume ratio of 300:1 making it a very good surface for bacteria to colonise.

The type of scrubby you want for filter media is generally 15cm x 12cm x 1cm thick. The length/width don't matter, but the thickness is reasonably substantial for use in a bio-filter.

To buy these from your normal household store would be ridiculously expensive, because to fill a biofilter you need quite a lot, so it is much better to search out some filter media from a bulk supplier, and generally janitorial suppliers provide this.

Anyway, you can find details of some links on my biofilter web page in the section for filter media for a biofilter.